Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment is critical to the preservation of the environment. Simultaneously, the existence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and pathogens in sewage endangers human health. As a result, microorganisms in wastewater and biological waste water treatment are prominent subjects of study in microbiology. The separation and identification of bacteria to aid in wastewater research and analysis is a common component of the study of microorganisms in wastewater.

Invivo's Formulation for Wastewater Treatment

The formulas from Invivo comprise a powerful consortium of enzyme-producing microorganisms. As a result, these bacteria can operate fast to solve problems from the beginning to the conclusion of the wastewater cycle. Invivo waste water treatment products include specific bacteria strains for cleaning a wide range of wastewater impurities, including grease traps, septic systems, lagoons to improve system efficiency, and municipal wastewater facilities; reducing slug and odor; lowering Total Suspended Solids (TSS), and enhancing BOD and COD levels. Our biological products help you save money, improve system efficiency, and comply with state and federal standards. Invivo's offerings include Invivo wastewater and Invivo old elixir.

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