Pond Cleaning Services, Pond Probiotics & Lake

Pond probiotics are a secure method of managing water quality. We are offering pond cleaning services, maintenance, management, and treatment in Lawrenceville, GA, USA since 1995. Lakes are open systems that collect a large amount of organic material such as waste, runoff, airborne debris, and algae. The majority of lake contamination is caused by human activity. Invivo has created proprietary formulae that act swiftly to digest bottom muck and stink, remove suspended organic material in the water column, and reduce nutrient loading, producing algal blooms. Furthermore, our products work on a microscopic level to eliminate the by-products of the more significant concerns, such as ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and phosphorous, ensuring that the more substantial problem does not reoccur.
Invivo specialists created "Invivo's patented formula to aid in organic decomposition." The patented solution used by Invivo works swiftly to digest bottom muck and stink and remove suspended organic waste in the water column. It also minimizes nutrient loading, which contributes to algal blooms. Furthermore, our products work on a microscopic level to remove by-products of more significant concerns such as ammonia, nitrite, and phosphorous to ensure that this problem does not reoccur.
Microbial ponds and lake products from Invivo are specifically developed to solve sludge, odor, and water clarity issues. Our special mixtures of bacteria and enzymes are to remove stink and dirt as rapidly as possible.

Aquaculture Production

We provide a variety of delivery ways for our merchandise. Second, we create potent tablets that penetrate deep into the muck layer, multiplying and digesting years of stored organic waste. Our dry recipe ensures that surplus nutrients are adequately dispersed. Finally, bulk drums are available for large-scale applications.