Microorganisms are linked to crop diseases, agricultural product yields, soil nutrients, etc. In agriculture, microorganisms are becoming increasingly significant. Microorganism analysis can assist clients in resolving agricultural illnesses. Simultaneously, the proper use of microorganisms can aid in the healthy growth of crops and enhance productivity. According to Invivo‘s experts, biological products are more industrialized, Eco-friendly, and cost-effective for farmers. We are producing biological products for agriculture. We created specialized soil strains to boost soil fertility, increase plant health and growth, and give a cleaner, greater harvest yield.
Our experts say microbes and plants are significant allies in practically every activity in life. Invivo is dedicated to becoming the agricultural input industry’s chosen producer of microbial-based crop protection inputs that promote superior growth and soil fertility. We rely on the introduction of safe and long-term biological remedies.


Microbes and plants, we believe, are intimate partners in almost every activity in life. As a result, it is a probiotic in plant science as well. Crop soil lacks the natural ability to restore nutrients, and over-harvesting has rendered many fields operationally incapable of supporting fresh crops.

Biological Products For Agriculture

Invivo microorganisms can expand soil pore space, allowing more biodiverse soil to fix nitrogen, boost soil fertility, and improve nutrient circulation. Some agricultural strains are chosen based on their capacity to grow in the root zone of plants, digest organics fast and synthesize the essential nutrients more efficiently.


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